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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Royal Icing Flowers

At the beginning of July a co-worker asked me to make a cake for both her mother's birthday and her mother-in-law's birthday. The two parties were two days apart. We decided to go with a flower theme for both of the cakes. An easy decision to make since we both work at a garden center.
The first cake I made was based on the final cake of the Wilton course two, Flowers and Borders. I made about 20-25 pansies with Royal Icing and I painted them to add in some details. The cake was two small oval cakes stacked and iced with a basket weave. Then flowers were added. I was told that mom absolutely loved the cake.

For her Mother-in-law I went with purple and yellow royal icing daisies. I wanted it to be different than the first so I decided on a square cake, and no basket weave. I was going for a simple yet pretty look. I was worried though about the petals of the flowers. It's always best to make more than you need in case there is some breakage. I think that I broke petals on about 3 or 4 of the flowers, so I was glad to have planned ahead.

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