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Friday, March 20, 2009

Minnie Mouse

There are a lot of kids out there. Is that just stating the obvious? I seem to be getting a lot of kid birthday cake orders lately. March is a busy birthday month I guess. So that says something for June as well now doesn't it? OK, sorry, that's not really cake talk.

I am getting good at these character cakes. It used to be that I would go out and look to buy a cake pan that was the shape of the character request, but thanks to the internet, any picture can be made into a cake. This time around, I used the same image that would have come with a Minnie Mouse cake pan and drew it on a flat cake, therefore saving the cost of purchasing the $10 to $20 cake pan that might only get used once.


Busy, busy, busy. I really need to stop procrastinating. Since I have no choice but to make the cakes on time, I really should write up the posts that go along with them in decent time too.

My last two cakes were both Backyardigan cakes. Last Saturday.
I had originally gotten orders from two different moms who liked my Pablo cake, and wanted the same thing for their one year old's birthday parties. I was surprised at the coincidence.
One of the children was a girl and one a boy, so I asked the mom of the girl if she'd like to have one of the "girl" characters from the show rather than Pablo, a "boy" character. I am glad that I did ask her because I was very happy at the turn out of Uniqua. That was definitely a girly cake.

I have more characters to come. The next post will be Minnie Mouse, once she is done. Let's see if I can do the post in a decent amount of time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Butterfly III

Butterfly III
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No cake is ever the same. This is the 3rd time that I have done a version of this butterfly, and I must say that even though all the elements of it are the same, I think that it looks much different than the 1st one I did.
I guess because I freehand draw my templates they will never be exactly the same, although sometimes I would prefer that they could be. Here is my original.
I also learned the hard way this time around that I really need to read my request instructions well ahead of time. I made the cake board the right size for the cake, but neglected to make it big enough for the inscription. So, I had a choice to either try to lift the cake to another board without causing too much damage or add an extension to the existing board. I chose the addition. I did not want to have to fix the cake if it became a mess.
This cake helped teach me a lesson, hope I can remember it for the future.