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Monday, September 26, 2011

Combo Birthday gift cake

This was a last minute order from a teacher at my son's school. I usually have a driving arrangement for someone else to take him to school, but that day I did it myself. Good thing too, as I wouldn't have gotten the cake order otherwise. The party was for a bunch of little ones turning 2, boys and girls, so I went with the pink and blue to cover both genders. This cake would also work for a Gender reveal party cake.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ms. Pac Man

This cake makes me want to go play the video game. I really was never any good at it but it is fun to play for at least a little while. I iced the cake in white buttercream and then just the top in black before I made the game background. Ms Pac Man is another FBCT only this time I used black icing around the border so it would blend in better. I was really happy with how she turned out and so was the gamer who got to have her attend his birthday!

August has been Busy!

Jenna and Kyle's Wedding cake

An extra slab cake in case extras were needed
A sparkly Butterfly for Chloe
And a Snowy Owl For Chloe's Twin Samantha
A Gender reveal cake - The filling color indicates the baby's sex
Xbox Controller
Sleeping Beauty
3D Thomas the Tank Engine
Baby Elmo
Party Lion
Police Class Graduation
Cake Pops people - one for each Grad