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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Pictures

Well, I have already displayed the photo that I took of my most recent cake. But I had to show you another. I got a thank you from the lady who ordered the Princess snowflake cake from me. Along with that she sent me a couple of really nice pictures of the cake. What I didn't know before was that she is a photographer. Her pictures of the cake display the details much better than my photos do. Maybe one day I can make enough money to invest in a better camera (and lessons on how to use it, lol).

Here's her photos:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We woke up this morning to find that it was snowing once again. Normally this would be no big deal for us on a lazy Sunday morning. But today was not a day to be lazy. We had plans to deliver a cake today, and ironically enough the cake had a snowflake theme to it. So off we went with the shoveling and then driving ice skate style to take the cake to the little one year old awaiting her party.

Earlier in the month I made a cake for a Thomas the Tank Engine party for another one year old. It's a really good thing that I have my two boys in the house so that I can use their toys as reference for the theme cakes. Sometimes using a picture as a guide is just not as good as having all 3 dimensions to view on a toy.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out of control

Wow, I made it. It's the last day in November and I need to show off my accomplishments, lol.

I can't believe that I survived this month. On top of finishing SIX cakes and hearing good reviews on them, I had to deal with an ill baby, then an extremely ill husband, all right before I left for a week of vacation. At one point I didn't think that we'd get to go. It's a darn good thing that we made it though, or I might near have lost my mind. Finally we got to relax for a while.

But not before I made sure that these three cakes had been taken care of.

This large C cake is for the ultimate Chicago Bears fan. His lovely wife asked that I pay tribute to his favorite team for his birthday. Hope that it was a touch down at the party.
Groan..... that was really bad, I admit.

Giant Gerber Daisy. I have done a cake similar to this one in purple and yellow. I like the way it looks both ways. My customer requested Orange and Purple for the birthday girl.

And for my final cake of the month, the birthday boy got to eat his presents. He just turned one, so I hope that he dug right in with his hands and ripped off the bows. I'll have to check in with his mom on his reaction when it was party time.

What a month! Could it be possible for December to take it easy on me? Nah, that wouldn't be a challenge now would it?

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've gone to Vermont

Well, not physically. I've never been there. But I got a message from a Sara J. Henry in Vermont today, telling me that she had linked to my site. Because I am a newbie here, I had no idea what she meant, until we emailed some more and she gave me some blogging pointers.
So apparently she likes my cakes, and knows people in Calgary. That is great news to me, because the more people who hear about me, the more cakes I get a chance to make.
Sara J., thank you for your advice! I intend on using it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November's not over yet

I have never had a month that has been this busy with cakes until now. I love it! I do hope that I will continue to get more orders to keep every month hopping.
I started this month with the birthday of a sweet lady who turned 80. This is a woman who knows what she wants. She knew that her friends had plans to have a cake for a get together that they were having, but she let them know that she knew of a girl (me) who made cakes. Somehow the plans got changed and she ordered her own 80th birthday cake.

Little did she know though, her daughter had already planned to have me make a cake for different, family party that was being thrown in her honor, so I had two completely different cakes planned for the same birthday girl. She's probably had enough cake for this month.

Next on my list of cakes to do was Tinkerbell. She has got to be my favorite character cake so far. Just adorable.
I met a talented photographer who's daughter was turning five and she wanted to have a special cake made for her. We decided that we would exchange talents. I sent her a bunch of my photos of my cakes and she put together some advertisements for me while I was in charge of making the cake for her. I think that our trade went over very well.

That is only half of November for me. 3 down, 3 more to go. And on top of all that, I have a vacation to go on as well. Hopefully I will have time to post the next three cakes before the month is gone.

Friday, October 31, 2008

No more classes :(

Well, I am sad. I have no more classes to take to learn new techniques. Maybe I'll have to search around the web to see if Calgary has others at a different location.
My final class had lessons in Fondant and Gum Paste. There are some pretty intricate flowers that can be made using gum paste. It was definitely worth taking the course to expand my flower abilities.
The final project cake is done using fondant to cover the cake, a mix of fondant and gum paste for the ribbon border and the twisted garland, and all the flowers are made with gum paste.

As November approaches, I am almost nervous. I already have orders for five cakes, which is awesome but more than I've done before. I better get planning!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adventures in CupCakes

OK, so I was a little worried about making a cake out of cupcakes. The last time I did this I was not happy with the turnout. But I figured out that the trick is to not use too many cupcakes (60 was a big mistake, lol)
I made a cute froggy out of 18 cupcakes for a little boy's birthday and I loved how it turned out. They wanted to have 30 cupcakes so I iced the rest and gave them a separate box with the extra dozen.
Although, I do have to admit that the design that I used came from another blog site, so I have to also Thank The Cake-Ninja!
The little flowers though, were a way for me to incorporate practice time with some techniques I have recently learned in class. Can't wait for the next one to start in October.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Course 3 is done! Now on to Fondant

I did it! I made a very pretty, but somewhat subtle two tiered wedding cake for the 3rd course in the series of Wilton courses that I am attending.
I was very happy with the results of my final project. Especially the flowers. My instructor told me that she had never seen anyone do Morning Glories on the final cake because they are too time consuming. I totally agree. It takes almost 5 minutes per flower to make those things. But the end result is beautiful, so it was worth it to me.

I am registered for the Fondant and Gum paste course that is offered in October, so keep an eye out for any updates on how that one goes.
Maybe, just maybe I will see if Wilton wants to hire me as one of their instructors once I have completed all their courses. I hear they are hiring, and who wouldn't want to earn extra money while doing something they love?!