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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out of control

Wow, I made it. It's the last day in November and I need to show off my accomplishments, lol.

I can't believe that I survived this month. On top of finishing SIX cakes and hearing good reviews on them, I had to deal with an ill baby, then an extremely ill husband, all right before I left for a week of vacation. At one point I didn't think that we'd get to go. It's a darn good thing that we made it though, or I might near have lost my mind. Finally we got to relax for a while.

But not before I made sure that these three cakes had been taken care of.

This large C cake is for the ultimate Chicago Bears fan. His lovely wife asked that I pay tribute to his favorite team for his birthday. Hope that it was a touch down at the party.
Groan..... that was really bad, I admit.

Giant Gerber Daisy. I have done a cake similar to this one in purple and yellow. I like the way it looks both ways. My customer requested Orange and Purple for the birthday girl.

And for my final cake of the month, the birthday boy got to eat his presents. He just turned one, so I hope that he dug right in with his hands and ripped off the bows. I'll have to check in with his mom on his reaction when it was party time.

What a month! Could it be possible for December to take it easy on me? Nah, that wouldn't be a challenge now would it?

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