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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adventures in CupCakes

OK, so I was a little worried about making a cake out of cupcakes. The last time I did this I was not happy with the turnout. But I figured out that the trick is to not use too many cupcakes (60 was a big mistake, lol)
I made a cute froggy out of 18 cupcakes for a little boy's birthday and I loved how it turned out. They wanted to have 30 cupcakes so I iced the rest and gave them a separate box with the extra dozen.
Although, I do have to admit that the design that I used came from another blog site, so I have to also Thank The Cake-Ninja!
The little flowers though, were a way for me to incorporate practice time with some techniques I have recently learned in class. Can't wait for the next one to start in October.

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