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Monday, August 10, 2009

Toopy and Binoo

Toopy and Binoo
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Wow, it's already a busy August. My fridge is so full of cake, waiting to be assembled.
But still, I have to let you know about this cake that was finished at the end of July. Toopy and Binoo was done on a 13 x 18 inch cake. It seems to be a popular size the past few cakes (more pictures to come). The kids have their birthdays close together, so they shared the party, which as a mother I completely understand, but as kid I think I would be ticked that I had to share my day with my brother or sister.
Their mom was a great sport about the Treehouse cartoon that they love. She seems to know more than any sane adult should know about all the episodes of the show. Her email contact with me cracked me up. I guess that having kids definitely helps to keep your sense of humor intact. I should know that already.

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