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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The New Addition

During the month of July I did not make any cakes. In fact, I actually turned down two opportunities to make cakes. That was a hard thing to do, I always want to take any chance I get to make something new.
My baby girl finally made her entrance into the world on June 30th, 6 days past the due date. Her name is Alexis Rose Henry, and she may have been late, but when the time came to arrive it was quite a big hurry. I am so thankful to have had great Midwives to help us through the process.
We've had a few rough nights, but for the most part Lexi has been a great baby. My challenge lies in keeping my two boys occupied and behaving well.
So even though there were no cakes in July, it was still a really eventful month. And now, two and a half months later, she is growing and changing every day. I just love to hear her 'talk' to me in her little baby cooing sounds. If I had a video camera, I would want it on all day to record and preserve everything she does, as I know it doesn't last long.

The first picture is at 13 days old and the second was taken at 2 months old.

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