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Thursday, September 16, 2010

June Cakes

I told myself that I would go easy on the cakes in June because my little girl was due near the end of the month and I needed the rest. This first cake, another Topsy Turvey was for the beginning of the month, and I had already finished working my full time job (YAY!) so I had time. But of course I am really good at procrastinating and left a lot to the last minute as usual.
The design changed because of my lack of time at the end, but I am glad that it did, as I like the way it turned out. I can't even remember now what I had planned on doing for the middle tier.

The other cake of the month, a Farm theme done for a friend who was having a double birthday celebration for her two girls, was actually scheduled to be made by someone else because I thought for sure I'd be having a baby right around the time the cake was due. But of course stubbornness runs in my family and my little angel decided to stay put for another week, and I got to make the cake to pass the time while waiting. I had a lot of help from my mom who was staying with us for a while to help out with baby. So along with helping to keep my two boys in line she helped model the little animals for the cake. The cake was a hit at the party and I've already had a request to make another one down the road.

To view more cake pictures see my Flickr page.

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