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Monday, January 18, 2010


This cake means more to me than just another cake to make. This one is special in that I made it for my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. I made the three tiers only one layer of carrot cake each to keep the size down, and then covered them all with sugar paste, and added the scroll design. The final touch is 40 red ruby-like jewels placed atop the cakes.
Mom and Dad got married on Dec 31st, 1969. What an inspiration. There were no official plans to celebrate the milestone so I decided that I would make it a celebration. Since the date is so close to Christmas, and my brother and I and our extended families were all going to be home for Christmas, I planned a little surprise for while we were all there. The cake was the hard one to hide. I needed a safe place to put it, preferably chilled. Good thing it was cold over the holiday, because I stored it in a box outside in my parents camper. Then I invited a few of my parents close friends over to their house for drinks and cake and didn't tell mom and dad until about 5 minutes before people were to arrive. Needless to say, there were a few tears on my mom's part as well as mine, and both mom and dad were quite pleased with the little impromptu party held in their honor.
Congratulations Mom and Dad! You have been an example to me and also to everyone else who knows you.

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