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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The rest of August

The summer has flown by, and now it's starting to get colder already. My oldest son started Kindergarten and he loves it so far. We have been so busy lately and I realized that I never posted anything for the other cakes that I finished in August.

I was so happy with the turn out of the wedding cake that I did in the middle of August. It was the largest cake that I have made so far. The base tier was a 14 inch round and the top was 8 inch. Each layer was about 4 inches tall. And man was it heavy. It weighed 32 pounds once completed. I guess 32 pounds isn't too much, but you try to carry that cake to the car and drive it to the venue. It wasn't easy, but I don't think that I am busy enough to warrant buying a delivery van yet.

The other cake that came before the wedding was Cinderella. I've done this one before, but I think that she turned out much better this time. Making a pretty face out of icing is not easy. Last time I think that I wiped off Cinderella's lips five times before I left it the way it was. She may have looked better with out them though.

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Gina's Blog: Cakes, Kids and Cats said...

That is a beautiful wedding cake. I have always made my kids birthday cakes but have recently gotten more excited about cakes. I made one for my hubby's work last week and have gotten so many compliments and people wanting me to make cakes for them! So here I go I guess! I have only taken Wilton's course 1 and of course I want to take the rest....but it's a busy time of year for me. The spring maybe. Check out my blog if you like. I have just started it (obviously)!! You do amazing work!!