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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chocolate Cornelli Lace

The week that I made this cake was a gong show. On top of my full time job, I had the wedding cake to do which was to be delivered on a Friday. Then my youngest son got sick and was admitted to the hospital. I ended up staying the two nights there with him, and switching off with my husband after he was done work so that I could come home to work on the wedding cake. It did get delivered on time thankfully because my son got released form the hospital on the Friday morning.
I almost didn't have time to make this cake, but it was very important to me that I get it done, as it was for a good friend of ours who was being given a 50th birthday party surprise that we were attending.
I wanted to make it special and original. For the first time in my experience, I made the fondant for this cake. My intention was to make chocolate fondant, but it was a complete loss. Thankfully I hadn't turned all the marshmallow fondant chocolate, so I had enough left over to cover the cake in white. I then made the buttercream icing chocolate to do the Cornelli lace. That is a lot of piping to do on a cake, and this one was a small cake. I can't imagine doing a wedding cake this way. It would have to take days.
I only finished the final touches with a half hour to spare, barely enough time to get ready for the party.

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