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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Topsy Turvy

I couldn't wait. There are other cakes that I have not yet added to this blog, and I am skipping ahead to the cake that I delivered today. I had to post it. I am so happy with it.
The only way that this cake was possible was because of other decorators out there. I have a friend who I was in the Wilton cake classes with who has a very large network of friends who she gets cake orders from. Like I do, she leads a very busy life and did not have the time to make this cake, so she passed the order on to me. I had never made a topsy turvy cake before, and was nervous.
Next, the thanks goes out to You Tube and a decorator who posts how-to videos. In an 8 minute video, I learned the tricks to get this done so that it stays standing. I would have never known.
And again, I also have to thank Pink Cake Box. The original picture that the birthday girl picked out was from their cake gallery.
So here's my version, done as requested by the sweet 16 birthday girl.

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