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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flowers and Butterflies

I love making pretty cakes. Because I have boys, I have to rely on orders for girly cakes.
This cake was based on one from Pink Cake Box. They do beautiful work. The mom who ordered it has picked 2 cakes now from the site.
I was asked to do a one tier version to keep the cost lower. I decided to purchase decorative butterflies at a local dollar store, as making the sugar ones would be time consuming. They might be fun to make but time is a factor to consider. I seem to always be running out of it. Too bad it can't be purchased. I'd add it to by business expenses.
I tried to get creative when taking the pictures of the cake. it was a really nice day when I finished the cake so I took it outside to see if it might look good against a backdrop of my own flower pots. I guess another thing to add to my wish list is a studio area for picture taking. The list just keeps getting longer......

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