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Sunday, February 8, 2009

L'Arche Calgary Cake Walk

Humbled. That is my word of the day today. I have just come home from viewing the competition cakes at the L'Arche Calgary Cake Walk.
16 Professional bakers in Calgary show off their talents to raise funds for the charity.
There are three awards given in the competition, and we stayed long enough to vote for the People's Choice Award and hear the winners of the Judges' Choice award. The categories were Tiered Cakes and Sugar Sculpture.
I was torn between two cakes in the tiered Cakes category, and so I voted for the cake whose friendly (and cute) co-creator from Decadent Desserts was standing there willing to answers my multitude of questions.
So, the Judges Choice award went to The Calgary Sugarcraft Guild, which, by the way, was the other cake that I was temped to choose.
I hope that I will be able to find out later somehow, who took top score in the People's Choice award. They were to announce that winner at 3:30

Here are some pictures of one winning cake:
So you can see why this cake won, and why I was tempted to choose it as well. Can we say attention to detail. Everything is edible on the cakes.

The one I did choose had so much detail put into making the flowers and that is one of the reasons it was my favorite. I would really love to make flowers as detailed and pretty as the ones on this cake. All of this beautiful work is certainly something to strive for. Maybe it's time for me to go back to school. Cake school.


Benjamin said...

Who'd you vote for in the sugar? It was pretty amazing stuff this year. I liked the overall theme of the Sugar Guild one so I voted for it in the cake category. The flowers were nice on the Decadent one but I didn't really see the "friendship" message.

Sara Henry Cakes said...

I voted for Rowen pastries in the sugar category.
I too was unsure about the friendship messages on Decadent's until I read the label, but it wasn't really "shown" on the cake, except for all the teamwork involved with making all those flowers.