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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exciting Month

Well, another month has passed me by so quickly. A couple of great things have happened in my life this month.
One good thing is that I finally handed in my notice to leave my full time job last week. Mind you it is notice of my due date, which is coming up on me faster than I had expected. My family and I will be expecting a little girl to arrive in June and when I handed in the formal letter of notice to maternity leave to my boss, it felt like a weight being lifted. Everyone at work already knew about my pending arrival, but this just gave me an actual date to announce.

The other great thing this month was the entry into a cake competition. Last year I attended the L'Arche Calgary Cake Walk to view the cakes. This year I received an invitation to enter the competition. I was allowed to have a partner in the project, and there was only 4 weeks left to prepare, so a friend who is just as into cake as I am joined me in the adventure. And it was quite a challenging adventure for the both of us. Four weeks was just not enough for us when I work full time and tend to my family and she is a full time mother of three with a busy schedule.

The theme for this years Cake Walk was "Celebrating Unity" and there were several entries that really hit the mark demonstrating their interpretation of unity. Some we couldn't really see it. We were entered into the Novice category and I was very glad for that. Some of the entries in the Professional category were phenomenal. If you click on the link you can view the winners and all of the other photos of the great entries.
We did go through several options in the planning stage and even on the day of the set up we went from plan A to plan C or D in the span of an hour.
This is our final cake.
It really was a great learning experience, and if I chose to enter again I would make sure that I had much more time to prepare and really put forth my best work. I am so glad that I got the chance to experience this and equally happy that I had help from a friend who I got a chance to get to know much better.

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