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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vegas Wedding

I would really like to go to Vegas again. I have been only once, and I think that there are a few more things I want to see there, so it's worth another trip.
This wedding shower cake was made for a bride who is having her wedding in Vegas. Not just a small quick wedding though. She is having lots of guests go with them for a big fun filled wedding, Vegas style. Now that would be a great party!
I'd love to see their wedding cake, once it is done with their colors in mind. They ordered it based on this one from Freed's Bakery of Las Vegas. Gorgeous!

I was asked to make the gift box cake using the wedding colors and add a bit of Vegas theme to it. I was a little nervous because it could have turned out pretty gaudy if I had used too many colors so I decided to stick with black and white decorations on the colored base. I like how the poker chips turned out. It's a good thing we had a box of them sitting around waiting to be used. Who knew the first time they'd get used was to copy the design onto cake decorations?

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