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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Team themes

Well, I have been neglectful at posting my cakes... It's time to get crackin'

For those of you who don't know me well; I am not particularly into sports watching. I will attempt to play sports, but am not great at that either, but I try.
The same goes for recreating someones favorite team on a cake.
I try.

This next cake was for a 40th birthday party (duh, obviously) where the big surprise present was a trip to go see the Green Bay Packers play a preseason game. The birthday boy will have to wait a little while, as the games don't start till after all of our freakish snow storms are gone (go away stupid snow) His wife didn't want a lot of green and yellow icing, so I went with the basics.

This next one got me into a little bit of trouble. I've been told by my husband that it was inappropriate to make an Edmonton Oilers cake when we are Flames fans. Who said I was a fan of any hockey team? I don't know. But if I were asked to make a Flames cake, I would do it. It's just that no one has asked me to. This cake was being driven to Edmonton for the birthday party. Does it make it any better since it was being taken out of Calgary?
I do think that I forgot to mention when the cake was picked up that heavy blue icing will color teeth and any thing else it gets into contact with. Oops.

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