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Sunday, June 26, 2011

May Cakes and Cupcakes

These Camo cupcakes are for the men out there who don't want the fancy frilly flowery cupcakes.

I like the clean lines that I accomplished doing this version of Hello Kitty. It turned out much better than my modeled one on top of a cake.
I entered this Spring cake into the cake walk competition at my son's school's Spring Fling. I won a prize for the "Springiest Cake" I was happy to contribute and I even got an order out of it because the people who got to take this home needed a cake a couple weeks later.
My niece is just wild about Caillou and her whole party centered around the sweet little boy character.
The peace sign cake was made for a 9 year old girl who was apparently born a couple of decades too late as she and her friends are nuts about anything with the symbol on it.
This is Diddy Kong from the Donkey Kong video games. I was given this picture to replicate for the boy who list this game as his 'current' favorite.
Mater and Lightning probably shouldn't spin out their tires on grass as I am sure it would make quite the mess, but this is what the little guy requested so who am I to argue.
My son requested a Star Wars themed cake, and of course I was so busy making cakes for everyone else that I was not able to put forth my best work. There were so many other ways this cake could have been made to impress, but he loved it anyways and still bragged to his friends that his mom makes the best cakes. Sweet boy!

Here's some Royal icing and Gumpaste flowers that are taught in the courses along with the basket weave. Sign up at Michaels for a Wilton course that shows you how. I teach there on Monday nights.
So again my client, J, called me last minute to get an order for a 3D Dora cake. I spoke to him on the Sunday night, worked on it all day Monday and it was picked up early Tuesday morning. I've decided that I work well under pressure, but I am not fond of it. J promised more notice on the next one.

Here's a colorful happy Elmo cake. The request was for lots of bright color.
I headed back to my Wilton roots to designs these 2 cakes. They were going to the same party, but one of the cakes was a gluten free one, so it got it's own special 'Fantasy Flower' center.

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