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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Carriage

Baby Carriage
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This cake is another first for me. I've done baby shower cakes before, but the Carriage is new. There is a mold that is available to buy, but it was requested that I made the cake half lemon and half white. So I used 9x13 cake pans for each flavor and put them side by side to cut out the right shape.
The courses that I teach for Wilton are paying off for me, because I get to practice some of the techniques and keep them fresh in my head for when I need to show them in class. Instead of using the star tip to fill the whole cake in with stars, I did the bottom half of the cake using the basket weave method. The stars were used for the top half and I created the ruffled edge using the rose tip. I also had some royal icing flowers and leaves left over from the classes and used them as accents. So this cake has elements of the Wilton course 1 and course 2.

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