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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The month of June

I managed to get quite a few cakes made for June. I was looking forward to the cakes that were ordered for July until disaster struck! I broke my left wrist! For most the left is not such a big deal, but, I am left handed!
This happened on June 28th and I had 2 orders for the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd and also my daughters 1st birthday cake to make. I thought I had to cancel both the orders. Thankfully while I was in the hospital waiting for surgery my husband managed to get a hold of a fellow decorator to do the orders last minute. I am so glad that I met her in my Wilton classes a few years ago! I would hate to disappoint my customers.
So I spent a night in the hospital, and had surgery on my left wrist. The doctor gave me a permanent plate held in with 6 screws and there is also a pin that will be removed at a later date. As of right now I have been healing for 4 weeks, and I am determined to get my dexterity back as fast as I can. Once the pin is removed I will be in physio. But for now I try to go about my daily duties wearing my splint as little as possible.
This week I started back making flowers and baking cake. I have a small cake that I did not cancel for this week and also a wedding cake for the 1st weekend of August which I want to have a head start on the flowers.
The other major disappointment for me because of my injury was that I had to cancel my plans to enter a triathlon for Aug 7th. I've spent the last 4 weeks taking it easy, and finally decided that was long enough and got back to running this week. Maybe I'll give swimming a try next week!

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