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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twilight zone

Remember when we were young, and we had a poster (or 7) on the bedroom walls, of that teenage heart throb that we just couldn't not get enough of? I was reminded of those times when I received the order for this cake. Kendra's mom and I were trying to get her to tell us what kind of theme she wanted for her cake. She had a look at my work and oddly enough chose a simple rectangle cake with pretty flowers on it. Her mom refused to let her settle for a pretty cake that did not let us see her personality.
Her heart throb of the moment happens to be the one and only Edward from the movie Twilight. His real name is Robert Pattinson and if I were a tween again, I would likely have a poster or 3 in my bedroom too.
According to her mom, the cake went over extremely well, and the girls were all "oogling" when they saw Edward on the cake.
Glad I could help make your party special Kendra.

By the way, I believe that my poster of choice at that age was The New Kids on the Block. Oh, to be young again...

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